G&F Pump System

With G&F Com-Pump System, associated gas can be captured and transported in an economic way with high reliability.
G&F Pump System provides a revolutionary solution to flaring.

G&F Pump Zero Flaring

For more than 160 years, the natural gas associated with oil production has been flared. Each year, the amount of natural gas flared is as high as 144 billion cubic meters, which is not only a huge waste of valuable natural resources but also a great contributor to climate change and source of pollution through the emission of CO₂, black carbon and other pollutants. And still with less oil production, there is still the issue of methane release, which is more potent to the environment and has become a hot topic of conversation.

Our Project

Gas Well Application

This gas well was built in Oct. 1978. Before G&F application, it only managed internment production of 1 hour per day with gas production of 2000Nm3/d and water 0.2m3/d, main pipeline pressure 2MPa.
After G&F application in March 2021, wellhead pressure has been maintained at 0.5MPa and outgoing pressure at 2MPa with gas production of 5000Nm


Gas Gathering Application

This Gathering Station covered 13 gas wells with a total gas production of 2.2 x 104Nm3/d. The inlet and outlet pressure were equally 3.0MPa. In order to reduce the wellhead pressure, a new pressurizing facility need to be built.
Since G&F Multiphase Pumping System has been put into operation in July 2020, the inlet pressure was maintained at 2.2MPa and outlet pressure at 3.0MPa. Gas production has been increased to 2.64 x 104Nm

Single Oil Well Application

This oil well used to be a flowing well. After years of production, formation energy decayed and oil pressure dropped below pipeline pressure. In this case, oil tank truck had to be used while all the associated gas being flared, which wasted a lot of money and caused air pollution. After G&F multi-phase pumping system was installed to replace its traditional equipment in January 2022, associated gas of 1054 x 104 Nm3/year was 100% recovered. In addition, about 0.8 million USD of tank truck transportation cost was saved.


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