World Leading Technology In Multiphase Transportation
  • A new concept multiphase transportation system for gas and oil
  • A disruptive technology to replace existing multiphase process
  • A revolutionary solution to continuous and reliable production of stripper wells
  • An effective way to eliminate routine gas flaring or venting

How Can We Help You?

G&F Pump combines the functions of compressor and boosting pump to enable:

⁍ Recovery of associated gas that would otherwise be flared or vented

⁍ Extended field life and delayed well abandonment

⁍ Reactivate dead wells to get added years of revenue

⁍ Keeping continuous production for high water-cut wells and liquid loading wells where gas lift or foam assisted lift are used for intermittent production

⁍ Reduction of CO₂ emission by eliminating routine flaring or venting and methane release for low producing wells

⁍ Reinject part of natural gas to casing for gas lifting to save cost of nitrogen

⁍ Local water separation for reinjection as necessary

⁍ Local gas separation for heating or gas turbine as necessary 

What Our Clients Say About G&F?

G&F equipment fundamentally solves the technical problems of multiphase mixed transmission in oil&gas fields and has a broad market application prospect.




Zero CO₂ emission have been realized after application of G&F multiphase pump system to replace conventional gathering and transferring process.


Shengli Oil Field


G&F multiphase transportation solution are very advanced with obvious advantages in application of gas fields, especially for gas wells containing hydrogen sulfide.


Southwest Oil Field


G&F has been developing at an amazing pace in recent years and has entered many large oil fields. Some Instituions in Singapore were also impressed by the project and wanted to cooperate.

Representastive Of Singapore Side Of Sino-Singapore GuangZhou Knowledge City


Proven Projects

A1. G&F Multiphase Pumping System is not a screw pump, but a skid mounted facilities consists of a centrifugal pump, tanks, valves and control system. It is deferent in process structure, working principle, and applicable conditions.

A2. G&F Multiphase Pumping System is suitable for multiphase working conditions of 0-100% void fraction, and ever-changing conditions of pure gas  pure liquid or mixed. It is highly automatic with data acquisition, analysis, alarm, remote control, and online real-time metering of gas and liquid. Energy consumption is 40% lower than screw pump. Construction and O&M cost are much lower than existing process.

A3.G&F Multiphase Pumping System also works as a slug capturer because of its suitability of ever-changing worling conditions of 0-100% void fraction, pure gas or pure liquid.

A4. Tanks and pipe spools are coated with hydrogen sulfide resistant materials. Therefore, it can be used in oil and gas wells with high H2S content and high mineralization corrosion. .

A5. G&F Multiphase Pumping System can replace the gas lift process if the gas-lift pressure is below 10.0 MPa. It can achieve circulated gas lift when the gas lift source is available.